The 10bet十博体育 (HDH) 紧急医疗服务 (EMS) Department was formed in 2000 when the City of Burns Volunteer Fire Department passed 救护车 service responsibilities on to HDH. Our service area encompasses the Burns and Hines communities as well as all of Harney County — more than 10,000平方英里!

In addition to providing 24/7 emergency coverage for the county, hhh EMS提供教育, 社区事件的紧急报道, 还有当地学校班级的参观机会.



悬崖Stoutenburg管理HDH EMS部门. Originally from Sheridan, Oregon, Cliff has been with HDH since 2020.

At 14, he joined his local fire department to work toward becoming a first responder. 他对这项工作产生了热情, 2010年, left the fire side to continue his growth in the field of emergency medicine. 克里夫是俄勒冈州的医护人员, 认证重症护理护理人员, 并有绳索救援证书, 车辆解脱, 还有灭火专业的副学士学位.

Cliff moved to Harney County after multiple years in the Portland area. He said he prefers practicing frontier emergency medicine and enjoys the small community and its amazing members. Cliff believes Burns provides valuable experiences to EMS members, and he appreciates the consistent support from the community. 对他, 执法部门之间的良好关系, 火的实体, EMS是在哈尼县工作的另一个好处. Cliff said the best part of his job is getting to help the community and make a positive difference in the day of people who tend to be at their worst.

在他空闲的时候, Cliff enjoys being with his 家庭 and spending time outdoors, 无论是游泳, 骑自行车, 攀爬, 或者探索洞穴.



斯蒂芬妮Swierkos于2022年加入EMS团队. 斯蒂芬妮在爱达荷州麦考尔长大并上学. She decided to join the field of emergency medicine after being drawn to an intensive EMT program at her local community college.

斯蒂芬妮更喜欢农村的急救环境. She said she likes working in Harney County because of the community atmosphere and small-town feel. She also enjoys the highs and lows of each shift and the investigation required to identify patient ailments and injuries.

As a mother of two toddlers, Stephanie spends much of her free time with her children. She also loves 徒步旅行, skiing, and playing with her animals.



Kyle snyder于2022年加入EMS团队. Originally from Melrose, Oregon, Kyle works in Harney County and lives in Bend, Oregon.

从罗斯堡高中毕业后, Kyle attended Oregon State University to earn his bachelor’s degree. 随后,他参加了国家医学教育 & 护理学校培训中心(NMETC). Kyle is a National Registered 护理人员 (NRP) who received a variety of trainings such as water rescue, 绳索救援, 战术医学, 荒野医学. He recently passed the International Board of Specialty Certifications (IBSC) exam to become a certified 社区 Care 护理人员.

凯尔从小就很喜欢童子军, which built a sense of duty and an interest in serving the public within him. These values, along with his interest in science and adventure, led him to a career in EMS. Kyle thinks the best parts of his job are the diversity of each workday, 他的EMS同事, 以及HDH紧密的员工文化.

虽然他不住在哈尼县, 凯尔喜欢偏远的乡村风景, 文化, 和社区. Kyle said he experiences great fulfilment when serving the people of Harney County and feels privileged to take care of them so they may continue to do what they love.

Kyle and his wife try to spend as much of their free time outside as possible. They love to climb, mountain bike, trail run, and ski together.



马克·林德伯格于2023年加入EMS团队. He grew up in the Sandy, Oregon area and attended Oregon Health & 科学大学.

He is an Oregon 护理人员, Alaska 护理人员, and a National Registered 护理人员 (NRP). He also spent 14 months in Afghanistan as a paramedic at Bagram Airbase.

Mark entered the emergency medical field because he wanted a challenging career. He said the best part of his job is meeting and working with great people. He noted that his coworkers in the HDH EMS Department are open, 诚实的, 工作努力,价值观卓越的人.

Mark was drawn to Harney County because he likes the geography, wildlife, and people. 在他空闲的时候, he enjoys spending time in the wilderness and outdoors.



凯蒂·柯林斯于2012年加入EMS团队. She grew up in the rural Harney County towns of Frenchglen and Riley 毕业于伯恩斯高中.

Katia continued her education at Treasure Valley 社区 College, earning an EMT certification. She later went on to become an 先进的EMT (AEMT) through the EMS/Fire Academy. 她不会就此止步. Katia is currently studying to become a certified paramedic through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Katia first entered the medical field as a veterinary technologist (vet tech). 她对医疗保健的热情由此而生. 后来,她成为了一名注册护士助理(CNA)。, 在加入紧急医疗服务团队并晋升之前.

She said working in Harney County allows her to do something positive for her friends, 家庭, 以及她成长的社区. Although it can be difficult to see her friends and neighbors experience emergencies, Katia said being able to help them is extremely rewarding. 她对我们的社区抱有很高的关怀标准. Katia added that her coworkers in the EMS Department have become like 家庭. 他们共用一个紧的。, irreplaceable bond that comes from depending on each other in challenging situations.

Katia said Harney County is unlike anywhere else, and she can’t imagine leaving home. She explained that community members are kind and supportive of each other, 这是一个养育家庭的好地方. 她还指出,风景很美, and there are abundant opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

当她不上班的时候, 卡蒂亚在打猎, 钓鱼, 野营, 打高尔夫球, 开车去看风景, 和家人在一起.

高级EMT 金伯利Theall的照片


金伯利Theall于2017年加入EMS团队. Kimberly grew up in Vale, Oregon and has lived in Harney County since 2006.

She attended Treasure Valley 社区 College in Ontario, Oregon. She is an 先进的EMT (AEMT) as well as a CPR coordinator and instructor. 金伯利想进入医疗领域, and the opportunity presented itself as a career in emergency medicine. 她很快就爱上了自己的工作.

对金伯利, the best parts of the job are helping people who are at their worst, 工作时间多变, 花时间和同事在一起. She also enjoys the small, close-knit community of Harney County.

在她空闲的时候, 金伯利喜欢玩桨板, 滑雪, 徒步旅行, 和她的孩子们在一起.



斯蒂芬妮·塞尔于2022年加入EMS团队. Stephanie grew up in Burns and was excited to move herself and her children back home.

Stephanie attended Southwestern Oregon 社区 College and received certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). She then continued her education at Idaho Medical Academy to become an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT).

斯蒂芬妮毕生对医学领域的兴趣, 还有她对小社区生活的热爱, 将她的急救事业带到了伯恩斯. She loves working in Harney County and considers the EMS department her second 家庭. Stephanie said the best part of her job is getting to form relationships with patients and coworkers. She also likes getting to make each patient’s day better, however she can.

在她空闲的时候, Stephanie likes to travel and spend time with her friends and 家庭.  

EMS办公室管理员和EMT 金正日Kautz的照片

EMT / EMS办公室管理员 

金正日Kautz于2008年加入EMS团队. She was born and raised in Burns and can’t picture herself living anywhere else. Kim said she likes living in a small town and exploring the far reaches of Harney County.

从伯恩斯高中毕业后, Kim attended online college courses through Eastern Oregon University and Treasure Valley 社区 College.

Kim has known that she wanted to be an EMT since she was a kid. She has always loved helping people and serving her community.

在她空闲的时候, Kim can be found baking and decorating beautiful and delicious cakes.  She also loves to camp, fish, hunt, work in her yard and garden, and spend time with her 家庭.



克里斯蒂娜·班顿于2003年加入EMS团队. 她在俄勒冈州的莱克维尤长大并上学.

Christina joined the emergency medicine field while living in Grass Valley, Oregon. The highway through Grass Valley saw many motor vehicle crashes, 所以她决定成为一名急救医生来帮助她的社区. Christina and her 家庭 moved to Harney County when her husband transferred for work. Upon moving to a new area, Christina wanted to continue doing what she loves: helping her community. She believes Harney County is a wonderful small community and a great place to raise kids.

在她空闲的时候, 克里斯蒂娜喜欢户外探险, 园艺, 野营, 和她的孙子们在一起.



Brennick鲍曼于2022年加入EMS团队. 原产于绿湾, 威斯康辛州, 2012年,布伦尼克搬到了哈尼县, 毕业于伯恩斯高中.

Brennick attended Treasure Valley 社区 College and received certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). He wanted to help people and save lives and felt that emergency medicine would provide a good opportunity to do so.

Brennick likes the different experiences each workday brings and that his job gets him out in the county on a regular basis. 对于Brennick, the best part of living in Harney County is how easy it is to get out of town and explore the outdoors. Over the years, he has grown to love the area as well as the various options for recreation.

Brennick enjoys spending time outdoors, riding motorcycles, and staying active.

Shealyne Peasley

Shealyne于2023年加入EMS团队. She was born and raised in Harney County and said she’s thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community she loves.

从伯恩斯高中毕业后, Shealyne entered the medical field as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). 然而, 干了几年之后, she developed a passion for emergency medicine and decided to obtain an EMT license through the EMS/Fire Academy. 在学习成为急救医生的过程中, 希琳是一名急诊室技术员, confirming her decision to pursue a career in emergency medicine.

Shealyne is currently studying to become an 先进的EMT (AEMT) through Idaho Medical Academy. She said the opportunities to learn new skills and obtain new licenses and certifications are endless, and she enjoys working with talented medical professionals from a variety of different backgrounds. She noted that everyone in the emergency medical field seems to share her enthusiasm for sharpening skills, 分享知识, 开发最佳实践.

Shealyne said she chose to work in Harney County because she loves the close-knit community.

“如果你不认识某人, 你认识的人认识他们,”她说。, adding that she’s watched our community come together overnight to help a 家庭 in need.

Shealyne noted that no one ever wants to experience an emergency, but she’s happy that she can use her skills and knowledge to help those in need.

在她空闲的时候, Shealyne can be found hunting, 钓鱼, and enjoying the outdoors with her 家庭.


For information about local 心肺复苏术和急救培训 opportunities, please call 541-573-3687.

You can also find classes on the American Heart Association 阿特拉斯网站.


A First Responder is a community volunteer who is trained and certified in first aid techniques. This program is very important in the rural areas of Harney County where our wide-open spaces can mean long travel times for the 救护车 crew from Burns.

如果你喜欢帮助别人, 住在农村地区, 并希望在你的社区有所作为, 你可能是个完美的急救员!


有关HDH EMS的更多信息,请致电医院 541-573-7281.